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Wendy Maria is an Indonesian born (1977) Dutch documentary storyteller based in the Netherlands.


She’s mainly driven by ordinary people and their extraordinary stories. Wendy Maria aims to portray people in a way that feels authentic. Whether it’s musicians who desire a stunning social media presence or a music video, or (small) entrepreneurs who wisely choose to share their personal stories behind the products and services they provide.  

Professional background

Wendy Maria is mainly self-taught when it comes to filmmaking and photographing. Her original educational background includes copywriting, journalism, PR and communications. Some of the jobs she has worked previously: creative at an advertising agency, communication-specialist at several semi-government organizations, offline and online editor at public magazines. Also she has made a living as a freelance journalist and as an illustrator, drawing cartoons and designing logos. 

In filmmaking she applies more than 20 years of experience in the disciplines mentioned above.


Her specialist niche includes portraying people in their last stage of life. In 2018 Wendy Maria got nominated for a VIVA400 award because of her work as a specialist in this area.

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Specialized in capturing memories

Wendy Maria’s involvement with filming videoportraits deepened in 2017, when a dear friend, a mother to a 5 year old, died of cancer. That same year Wendy Maria decided to focus on helping people capturing moments and memories on photo and film as a means for them to be remembered by their relatives after goodbye. >> More about VaarwelVideo

Co-founder of a movement

Wendy Maria is the president and co-founder of Branchevereniging Herinneringsspecialisten Nederland (BHN), a nationwide initiative involving creatives (such as filmmakers, writers and photographers) who specialize in making memories tangible. >> More about BHN




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