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Although I wouldn’t consider myself shy, I don’t volunteer too often to have my picture taken. Recently I gave in. And I’m so glad I did.

Through the years I even came to hate having my picture taken. I guess selfconfidence has everything to do with that. Convincing myself I don’t look good enough, thin enough, young enough. It’s funny how it only takes a lens to trigger insecurities and self-doubt. You’d say I’m not the only one (woman) with this ‘problem’. In fact, I’m guessing it’s also a typical photographer-thing. We’re just more comfortable behind a camera. 

Yes, I did just call it a problem. Because it clearly is. I do realize that never having your picture taken means you won’t have any visual reminder of who you once were. And neither do your kids. When I’m gone I will be the one missing in our familypics.

Today I’m a woman who’s about to turn 44. A mother of beautiful girltwins (6 years old) and wife to Arthur, whom I married last october. Most of all I’m a human being that deserves to be remembered someday, when I’m gone. 

Photographer Rianne Veldman is one of the few people who actually helps people own their beauty. Yesterday Rianne and I got together to do some shooting in her studio. I would film her, she would take pictures of me. And boy, did she make me look good! All credits for her. 

We’ve also talked about doing some projects together. That’s definitely something I look forward to!